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In the evolutionary scheme of things, humans are immature babies. Not understanding how the system of life operates, we find ourselves in a scary, unsafe and unsustainable space, on a human race to the bottom. Mother Nature knows best and has potentially come to the rescue. Building on the foundation of  ‘Coronavirus Catalysing a Cultural Revolution’ , Phase IV of the transformation is starting to take shape and makes a brilliant case for my ideas of ‘People Power Generation: On the Highway to Headonism’, as a new story of human success.

Time is of the essence to wake up and grow up to the brilliant opportunities, in order to break free from the futility of our current reality of being lost in the world like me!

We have a time limited window to take advantage of the environmental benefits of lockdown to avoid the climate crisis.

Avoiding the current disproportionate security blanket reaction due to political knee jerk reactions in a blame culture, in the absence of visible scientific evidence and potential ricochets that are raising their ugly heads is critical! Viruses are here to stay. Mature balanced Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) decision processes absent in the current State of Play, will need to rule the day to day for a smooth, safe, sustainable and successful humane operating system (SOS) in the future.

What felt impossible beyond our wildest imaginations has become thinkable. Coronavirus has potentially turned out to be the perfect storm for driving a wisdom based People Power solution to make life as exciting as it was designed to be! Not the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence that helped to inspire my labour of LOVE in 2015.

Thinking aHead  life could be wonderful! A Brilliant Opportunity Knocks for Humanity to collectively Head in the Right Direction and Rocket to Success!

Mother Nature’s Tough LOVE- Key Lessons Being Learned

Humans are an EVOLutionary experiment 

A (R) EVOLutionary re-think is required to get us back on track with nature’s simple design principles. A Scientific and Cultural Revolution are potentially on the cards:   ‘Selection of the Successful’ is the science revolution of ‘Life as Information’ , an energy efficient thermodynamic process with the cell’s finely-tuned actin cytoskeleton as the EVOLutionary driving force, not the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ with random genetic mutation we have learned to LOVE. Biomimicry of the ‘Success Framework’ in technology to drive cultural change provides the principle for a People Power solution to our current and future crises.

Immature Babies Actin’ Up

We are currently actin’ even more like immature babies under lockdown pressure with an awful lot of growing up to do. The State of Play was far from fun before Covid-19! Thanks to Mother Nature, we have stopped being so busy and have had time to reflect and hopefully learn from the experience.  A really powerful reflection in this video clip of the Rocky Horror Show reality of life we have created, highlighted by the pandemic should make you wake up and pay attention. Time to seriously challenge the status quo and start wondering WHAT? WHY? WHY NOT? WHAT IF! and HOW? to take action. Thinking aHead what a wonderful world it could be!


Crash Course in Making Sense of Being Human – Actin’ Stranger than Normal in Lockdown


Not Feeling on Form – Actin Makes Sense of Powerful Lockdown Symptoms

Actin as the Universal architect of ‘Life as information’, provides the physiological framework for determining the uniqueness of you: Your self-information technology. It makes sense of your senses, your emotions (energy motions) and wellbeing.  It acts as a guide to point you and keep you moving in the right direction, growing you as a person to align what you are doing with your human being to realise your amazing potential! ‘Nature’s Nudges’ of negative feelings kick in to keep you on course. That’s all very well when you have the freedom to go there. Symptoms of boredom, anxiety and feeling in a time warp are caused by lack of flow activities. Is it just a coincidence that actin creates energy flow!?

Negative symptoms experienced under lockdown may be new to lucky you or are likely to be an amplification of what life felt like beforehand- we are designed to be intimately connected with nature! The benefits of ancient wisdom wellbeing practices are potentially very valuable for self-help and understanding to relieve symptoms, by letting your energy flow. Using the lockdown wisely has the potential for a personal wake up call.

Seven areas of personal growth are something to really look forward to:  Greater appreciation of life; greater appreciation and strengthening of close relationships; increased compassion and altruism; identification of new possibilities or a purpose in life; greater awareness and utilisation of personal strengths; enhanced spiritual development and creative growth.


Wake Up! Making Brilliant Sense of the Crisis – Growing Pains to Maturity ”


In the World is Going On?

Realising what’s important (information) potentially brings a brilliant light at the end of the tunnel . No more business as usual with a lockdown enforced cultural EVOLutionary tipping point, in order to stabilise the world out of the chaos that reigns ! Some brilliant articles  worth reading:

The Coronation – gives a balanced overview of our current reality and the directions life might take ‘No longer the vassals of fear, we can bring order to the kingdom and build an intentional society on the LOVE already shining through the cracks of the world of separation.’

Corona: A Crisis of Imagination, A Crisis of Intimacy – This makes sense of the crisis as an ‘evolutionary driver.’ A potential birth to find your unique self and re-imagine a complementary common-sense society- No wonder it’s so painful!

Why the Coronavirus Is So Confusing – provides a guide to making sense of a problem that is now too big for any one person to fully comprehend. It makes a mockery of the spectacular science and cultural system nonsense. It points to a final transformation from a hero’s journey by stretching our collective imagination and taking action! I think I know HOW to get there.


“ Wake Up and Grow Up to the Climate Crisis!

A Small Window of Opportunity Knocks

According to the World Economic Forum, while we are reeling in the shock of what is happening around us and coming to terms with our new reality, we could seize this moment as a unique window of opportunity to re-build and transform our society and economy as we want it and fix the climate crisis before it’s too late. Otherwise worse pandemics are on the way if we don’t protect nature: This comes at significant cost but just one pandemic a century would result in an incredibly good return on investment. “We can build back better and emerge from the current crisis stronger and more resilient than ever – but to do so means choosing policies and actions that protect nature – so that nature can help to protect us,” – Can we really afford not to?

Time to Answer Grown Up Questions

What changes are people prepared to do, to make a difference? Take a look at what this might mean for you:


“ Baby Steps and a Bumpy Ride – Forced by Wealth not Health!? ”

Learning from Prior Experience

This can help make a big difference, BUT without the public’s confidence and trust or a nationally shared memory it’s going to be difficult. This Joe Public is certainly lacking in confidence as matters currently stand: Locally the ‘process’ appears to lack evidence, transparency and trust. Globally, there appears to be a severe case of data inconsistency and lack of inter-operability.

A Really Tricky Business Without Robust Evidence – Releasing the Pressure of Lockdown

Research groups in the US are trying to calculate the tricky maths of how much social distancing restrictions can safely be relaxed, but are still missing critical pieces of data. Lack of any published data locally makes it impossible to judge!

Suck It and See – Let’s Hope We Don’t Mess Up!

Science based decisions should determine a safe course of action out of lockdown. A crisis in confidence, confused communication, personal pressure and the need for money have created significant challenges – Surprise!? Economic pressure is prevailing! There is likely to be a ricochet effect through the process of system change in an upward spiral – each country providing its own learning curve to release the pressure from coronavirus lockdown. Relaxing pressure prematurely will spike cases and we are in danger of a more severe second wave .

New Technology Toys are Coming Out to Play

Machine learning tools driven by AI – machine learning tools are emerging. Using publically available data, relaxing lockdown measures too soon, the consequences are predicted to be far more catastrophic.

Coming to our Senses – Stuck in the Money Matrix


Money Can’t Buy you LOVE

The essence (energy sense) of life is energy and we are human-kind by nature. On the whole, the kindness pandemic we have experienced is fantastic proof! We are caught in a honey- money LOVE/ EVOLutionary trap where money is our master, an artificial bitter-sweetener, providing an energy bottleneck, strangling the system, where survival is the harsh reality for the majority. A fundamental human disconnect with the Universal Laws of Nature is the root cause of our current crises. Putting our Heads Together holds the answer.


Is Most Important ? – Human VALUEs Should Be Paramount

Coronavirus is accelerating the wake up call to an EVOLution of human VALUES. This article beautifully describes the spiral dynamic framework model of human development and explains the root cause of the current blame and self-limiting culture we have created for ourselves on our evolutionary developmental journey. Realising our full potential in a dynamic interconnected universe we have a real opportunity to get out of the matrix and co-create an upward spiral to humanity’s success.  The missing piece of science described that is holding us back is the piece I have identified. Joining the pieces actin is the answer to Universal puzzles , better understanding of which will hopefully allow progress to realising our human potential.


To Break Free

A (R )EVOLutionary solution to Head in the Right Direction is a way out of the matrix caused by the money trap , as a catalyst of cultural change in order to get aHead of the curve of exponential growth. Removing the energy blocks will create the freedom to be your unique self- the ultimate luxury. Time is of the essence to reconnect and get our Heads Together to fall back in LOVE with life as EVOLution intended. Freedom and quality of life are most valuable not stuff and nonsense. Prepare to be positively amazed at the potential of People Power!

Science Non-Sense – I Wonder About!


Actin Is the Answer Not Being Exploited!

Coronavirus has highlighted how little science currently understands and is potentially the hardest nut to crack. The science establishment positively discourages innovation. The chances of them innovating our way out of the chaos that reigns is remote. Answers to puzzles already exist but lie buried in the literature. Citizen scientists like me, in conjunction with AI have a great chance of success of giving a Heads Up!

Science is catching up with my ideas: A mechanical code governing DNA published in 2019. Actin’s unique potential for antiviral compound discovery was published in 2014. This science editorial Surviving COVID-19 just published supports the important principle of identifying effective methods to target the host response not developing specific antivirals. (This also reflects my ideas already described in Coronavirus Catalysing a Cultural Transformation.) It also challenges WHY? This has not been progressed since it was realised 10 years ago. Interesting! I wonder what this science paper just published means by ‘current incentives’.

Cultural Non-Sense – I Wonder About !



Education Is a Set Up the Way It Is

The education system set up for the third industrial revolution. It  has stifled our natural curiosity and imagination, that makes us so unique. We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t yet been invented to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet- Brilliant!


School Reform

The solution is recognised as adaptive learning, powered by artificial intelligence – I couldn’t agree more. The wisdom based approach to future education and societal transformation is a perfect fit with my ideas. This is just a Head Start to other ideas overdue for a reform.



Work Is Often Pointless

What a sorry story we have managed to create. Emotional satirical films reflecting on life as we currently understand it are a brilliant reminder of what doesn’t work – Steve Cutts to the chase again in the Happiness rat race. Pointless work at the office has been killing productivity. Coronavirus has really brought it home!


Make Work Meaningful

We have amazing potential. What If! I have an idea to make life as exciting as it was designed to be. Well worth putting our Hearts and Heads into. 



Basic Needs Were Barely Covered

Gross Domestic Product is exactly that: Unfit for purpose, designed to reward wealth, amplifying an inequality crisis, not rewarding hard work, value and talent. The Coronavirus is a harsh reminder that people were not making enough money to meet their basic needs. One solution being toyed with and bandied about beforehand was for a Universal Basic Income (UBI). There are huge disadvantages where everybody is given a flat-rate amount. Going Dutch is about to take on a new meaning: Dutch are going Doughnuts !


Let’s Build New EVOLutionary Models to Serve Human Purpose

A (R)EVOLutionary re-think is required throughout the system to get humanity back on track with our EVOLutionary purpose – from human race to human kind as peacefully and as soon as humanely possible. A piece by Evonomics explains why current economics is built on a monumental mistake!

Common Sense: Reaching Maturity – Being a Smooth Operator


The World Needs Now to Learn for Next Time Around

All energy efficient systems operate efficiently in the same way. The principles of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) business system efficiency improvement are what the world needs now in order to develop a risk mature smooth operation.  Finding the risk intelligence sweet spot and catalysing an EVOLutionary transformation. Find out more as to HOW? The current State of Play could be much more fun!

Look Out and See What’s Coming!

Coronavirus wasn’t a Black Swan It was Predicted. The economically driven decision to ignore it has turned out to be incredibly expensive in all sorts of ways. My ideas would create a ‘Macroscope’ and a continuous improvement feedback loop to avoid nasty surprises and unexpected consequences of change vital for success.

Smart Solution Next Time: Being Much Kinder Than Blanket Lockdown

Available evidence for a blanket lockdown approach is limited. Sweden’s strategy took a different ‘trust-based’ approach. Who was right we can only look forward to in hindsight. Balanced informed risk intelligent decisions are required to successfully live with future pandemics in foresight. HOW? Is quality of life fully considered in the decision making process, remains to be seen with total lack of transparency currently. ‘Can we objectively measure the human cost of disease?’ in the Journal of Headache and Pain is quite enlightening! 

Make Science an Important Agent of Change.

A ‘Science of Intentional Change’, centred on EVOLution is the answer to success. Better understanding of how EVOLution works that actin brings is a Head Start in order to collectively Head in the Right Direction.  

Catalyse Innovation

The same EVOLutionary principles apply to accelerating all innovation successfully: Information quantification and evaluation of the cost/risk/benefit as a basis to decide what is worth the effort of taking action. Amplification of ideas beyond the adjacent possible to catalyse breakthroughs and seeing what’s coming gives an early  Heads Up and avoids the legal and patent energy blocks slowing the process. Avoiding the immune reaction from ideas too far-fetched beyond the accepted normal and nasty surprises from unexpected consequences of interconnected change in order to get aHead of the curve of exponential growth.


“ A Brilliant Case for HeadCase!  Perfect Timing to Boot

A Catalyst of Change is in Demand

There is now evidence of demand and momentum for change and the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)  are looking for ways to swiftly deploy collective capabilities and capacities to transform our economies and societies. Just been listening to this RSA  conversation lead by chief executive Matthew Taylor with Professor Mariana Mazzucato, Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value, on the 7th May. They are looking for a catalyst with no ideas.

Action Replay

My idea for a ‘Catalyst of Cultural Change’ was submitted to the RSA UK Challenge – How to Build a Citizens Economy – Making Today’s Economy Work for Tomorrow – in 2017. HOW! We can get aHead of the Curve of exponential growth. The final evaluation panel sensed that my idea would have HIGH SOCIAL IMPACT – YES!!! BUT progress was limited by who should be involved in drawing up and testing prototypes, money and how it would be publicised and campaigned for to gain public support.

Energy Blocks Away

As well as the new demand, RSA are also partnering with the Evolution Institute in a bold experiment in cultural evolution ‘ Evolving a Sustainable Future in the United Kingdom’. Perfect timing: A Head Start to boldly go where no man’s gone before in order to turn Spaceship Earth Around and collectively Head in the Right Direction after all. Time to try again!


Look Forward to the Brilliant Light!

The Impossible Has Already Happened

Profound, positive change is possible from the hungry caterpillar that we have been. We are currently in the cultural living soup of the transformation to the potential butterfly. Reorganisation requires imaginal cells (like me!) to catalyse its transformation into winged maturity. The Guardian believes many of us are looking for chances to help decide what emerges from the emergency- I believe so too!

Wise Up Not Rise Up-Make People Power Possible

Joining the pieces to better understand how the system of life operates towards stretching our collective intelligence and imaginations has the potential to deliver success. The unification of humanity for global wellbeing to realise human People Power potential with a common sense peaceful ( R)EVOLution solution, as a positive force for change is the opportunity to make life as exciting as it is designed to be. A transformational phase change to the global butterfly to make the present pain worthwhile. Please make your Head Count – We need YOU to join the party and Take Action!

Sharing is Caring

You can help just by sharing this website, following us on social media and sharing that content too. We want to garner peer group science support to our current research, this gives us and you more voice and more reach to progress the realisation of creating a sustainable, natural framework to bring about change. Remember – you can find much more detail and understanding from the book. You can email us direct below or you can post questions on the blog.

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