PEOPLE POWER needs a (R)EVOLutionary rethink.

Now is the time to get turned on!

We are electromagnetic by natural design. Connecting with Universal energy, fully realising the Super Powers of our senses, charging our batteries and achieving our full action potential to deliver our sense of EVOLutionary Purpose is vital to success.

Let’s make life as peaceful, easy & exciting as it was designed to be

Unfit for Purpose

The human story has been hi-jacked by the evolutionary concept of “survival of the fittest”, an ensuing DNA bandwagon and the invention of money, amongst other prime suspects – well past its use-by date.

Fundamentally Flawed

In the evolutionary scheme of things, humans are immature babies. We have so far missed the point of our personal and collective purpose through our disconnection with the Universal forces of nature and have found ourselves in a scary, unsafe and unsustainable space, on a human race to the bottom.

We are such busy fools hanging onto the current story of life by our fingertips, it seems impossible that there could be so much more to it.

Time to Wake Up & Grow Up!

World Wake Up to People Power

Accelerated by the ‘evolutionary self-correction’ of recent politics (our Trump card in the evolutionary game of life), the world is waking up to the flaws and opportunities of a cultural redesign fit for the future by getting back on track with the inherent design laws of nature to create an upward spiral to success.

If only we could achieve the full infinite potential of our human capital – People Power – and optimise finite global resources with a clear way aHead.

What a wonderful (wonder-fuelled) world it could be

Artificial Intelligence is Forcing Our Hand

We have successfully developed tools to make life easier on our evolutionary journey. We have developed technology toys which we are still working out how to use to best effect. We are still trying to master mysteries of our own human intelligence. We have created a potentially dangerous scenario where our species could become victims of our own success.

Out of the box thinking not Pandora’s box.

Time to turn toys into tools. Artificial intelligence (AI) to complement human intelligence is the greatest challenge and opportunity, whilst avoiding the possibility of opening Pandora’s box that we are otherwise in danger of doing.

Powers that Be

They are talking the talk – no one is talking the walk, let alone walking it, with everyone left to their own devices – a recipe for disaster.

People Power Turn On

Time to take the power into our own hands to create a new story of value – to capitalise on unrealised human potential, and turn off capitalism and other quick-fix human superficial illusions of happiness and success.

Dig deeper into our inner creative genius to stop depleting our natural resources below sustainable limits to save the planet.

Time to Get Excited

Nature intended life to be exciting. So much potential to look forward to: Education to light up your natural curiosity, find your sense of purpose, happiness and sense of satisfaction.

Create exciting ideas in a new social medium, generating natural highs, so you can become centre of attention and make a real difference.

No more meaningless jobs. Make life more deep and meaningful, caring and sharing. Facilitate and accelerate breakthroughs and keep the planet safe for the future.

An Exciting Idea

I offer up an exciting idea – a “Multi Purpose People Power Toolkit”. I have designed a creative thinking tool based on natural evolutionary design principles to complement human & artificial intelligence to realise our full potential.

A standardised operating procedure in a framework, not each to their own device, maximises efficiency and speed, minimises the potential pain of a transition from the old story to the new.

A Peacful Revolution

Put your hand up and be counted for a Peaceful Revolution – We have all the ingredients, we just need to change the recipe for success. Time to wake up, grow up and take action before it’s too late. This is where every individual can make a difference – read this website, (even better read my first book ‘Cracking Natures Code’ as this explains my process in greater detail) sign up for updates, comment in our blog and if you ‘feel’ what you read – please share this site far and wide. It is time.

How (R)EVOLutionary!

Sharing is Caring

You can help just by sharing this website, following us on social media and sharing that content too. We want to garner peer group science support to our current research, this gives us and you more voice and more reach to progress the realisation of creating a sustainable, natural framework to bring about change. Remember – you can find much more detail and understanding from the book. You can email us direct below or you can post questions on the blog.