Sorry Stories

What a sorry story we have managed to create. Emotional satirical films reflecting on life as we currently understand it are a brilliant reminder of what isn’t working – Steve Cutts to the chase in Are You Lost In The World Like Me? and the Happiness rat race.

A pretty sad reflection of what’s currently superficially important are that taking Selfies has created a boom in plastic surgery, Selfitis is a recognised mental disorder and we have a seriously unhealthy relationship with technology.

Time to stop looking at face value and Facebook, put People Power at the Heart of what’s the matter and reflect on self-importance to create health, wealth & happiness, through a sense of purpose

You can be the centre of attention, but for all the right reasons. Much more self- satisfaction to look forward to!

Nature’s Nudges:

Nature is giving us nudges in the right direction, to be true to self, ignored at our peril. Failure to learn and grow, or repeating patterns of bad behaviour will be punished, with the penalty proportionate to the crime.

The (R)EVOLutionary science I have elucidated [Cracking Natures Code] holds the key

Better understanding of the fundamental biology will give us the tools to cure all sorts of diseases, both physical and psychological, by addressing root cause. Applying sticking plasters on symptoms by popping pills and artificial stimulants is not the answer to getting us back on track with nature – the fundamental flaw. Not much Fun!

Depression is aprime example: Psychologists think they have found its purpose: It has recently been proposed that it is an adaptation for analysing complex problems, as a mechanism to establish inner purpose and restore equilibrium and harmony with the inner self.

The scientific opinion provides an evolutionary systems theory that the mechanism is to avoid nasty surprises. Surprising, or not? that our immune system designed to protect us from an adverse environment is turning on itself.

It appears to be operating as our internal police mechanism through pattern recognition to keep us moving in the right direction.

It is somewhat ironic that faecal transplantation is the new miracle cure for obesity. An interesting pill to swallow!

The Heart of What’s the Matter

Our bodies are a dynamic finely–tuned ecosystem: Only 10% human, with 90 % made up of our microbiome. Amazingly the microbiome affects our brain – our gut-brain axis or gut instinct, making diet so vital in our wellbeing.

Our heart is another amazing source of untapped intelligence, a powerful source of emotional (energy-motion) instinctive decision making and information feedback processes. The HeartMath Institute website is a rich source of information. You are Amazing! We all have Super Powers, including prediction and mind reading.

Natural Highs

We have an inbuilt reward system for getting it Right by inherent design

Neurons communicate with the immune (pattern recognition) system using a type of ‘adrenaline rush’. Brain wave pattern harmonisation explains the feelgood factor of tuning in to psych-acoustic medicine, achieving relaxation and stress release, increased learning and creativity, memory, and other desirable benefits (otherwise achieved by taking LSD to achieve a heightened state of consciousness.

The pineal gland is a special case: Like your eyes, it has the visual architecture of rods and cones to process light despite being smack bang in the middle of our brain.

If connected, this triangulation (a fundamental evolutionary triangulation architecture for information processing) turns it on.

The patterns visualised under the influence of psychedelic drugs appear to support my idea- an amazing side-effect of paying attention.

It receives the most blood flow of any organ in the body, apart from the kidneys, is one of the largest producers of serotonin but receives very little scientific attention.

Wake Up!

Somehow we have forgotten how to capitalise on our full repertoire of senses and Super Powers– education discouraging creativity, senseless jobs, lack of purpose, desensitised and immune to a hostile environment suffering from an information overload, missing the point of consciousness – to tune into our unique sense of purpose and self to achieve our full potential.

A Science Revolution is in progress through experience – what’s missing is the science to back it up. Science is waking up to what Spirituality has known all along! Scientific evidence for acupuncture, hypnosis, yoga and energy healing are building.

The science of Ah-Ha! Of feeling awe and lightbulb moments is enlightening as would be revealing the secrets of the pineal gland – otherwise known as the 3rd Chakra or Mind’s eye – the seat of consciousness.

A wonderful side-effect is turning on our natural empathy instinct and may hold the secret to health & happiness.

Understanding the concept of the ‘electrome’ as the root cause of our immaterial world will help to get us to the heart of what’s the matter.

Find your X-Factor

Women are more effective as innovational disruptors – though they rarely get the recognition – Sexism in Science, conscious inequality or other-wise is over ripe for (R)EVOLutionary reform.

The type of skills required to be successful in future employment are very likely to be different: Judgement & decision making, fluency of ideas, active learning, learning strategies and originality.

Adapting yours to filling the skills gap is something worth thinking about. Adopting the thinking tool I have in mind could be instrumental.

Time to turn current culture on its head – switch alpha-male to alpha-female – tune in to your feminine energy, with empathic leadership vital for a future proof success strategy. The World Government Summit (January 2018) recognises female values as critical to success in overcoming key global challenges.

Save the Planet as a source of Happiness

The publication of a World Happiness Report is really encouraging, with close alignment of human happiness with Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), rather than income and wealth, a potentially valuable performance indicator of success.

(SDGs are designed to help countries to achieve a more balanced approach, leading to higher levels of well-being.) It recognises the need for People Power – collaborative action to design and deliver better lives.

Get Connected, Tuned-in & Turned on

I have designed a technology tool to exercise your natural curiosity to find your sense of self beyond thinking (a beautiful film I strongly recommend), passion, create novel ideas, connect with other like minds for extra excitement and be rewarded for your effort and value of contribution to create a more meaningful life.

Life is designed to be exciting

Connecting the action potential of People Power to get back on track with nature – Something truly worth putting your heart & soul into.

Follow your natural instincts to find your true purpose, fulfil your full potential for optimal self-satisfaction and happiness.

We have the opportunity to get out of the maze we have created to be truly Amazing!

Sharing is Caring

You can help just by sharing this website, following us on social media and sharing that content too. We want to garner peer group science support to our current research, this gives us and you more voice and more reach to progress the realisation of creating a sustainable, natural framework to bring about change. Remember – you can find much more detail and understanding from the book. You can email us direct below or you can post questions on the blog.