In the evolutionary scheme of things, humans are immature babies. Not understanding how the system of life operates we find ourselves in a scary, unsafe and unsustainable space, on a human race to the bottom. Mother Nature knows best and has potentially come to the rescue. Much more fun than the current State of Play!

Phase I

The human operating system has failed to serve human purpose spectacularly. It’s taken a natural disaster to illuminate the cracks. Nature is fighting back and forcing our hand in our favour. Are we ready to receive the message and mature enough to take action?

Phase II

Thanks to Coronavirus the bubble of our current reality has burst and created the vital shock wave to create change. The world at large is waking up to the inequality and futility of the life we have created for ourselves. Coronavirus is driving the cultural tipping point in order to stabilise the climate crisis to create a new normal.

Phase III

There is a potentially high personal price to pay in the transition with anxiety, fear of the unknown and social isolation. Historically that’s where monumental innovation has come from beyond the immediate pressures of life. Time to realise what’s important and much more play time potential to realise full human potential.

Phase IV

Realising what’s important brings a brilliant light at the end of the tunnel. No more business as usual! We have a real opportunity to wake up and break free from the futility of our current reality of being lost in the world like me. A global phase change to make the pain of isolation so worthwhile.

Phase V

What’s the Future – WTF! Realising full human potential where your human doing is aligned with your human being. Humanity as a whole has their basic needs satisfied . Everyone has the potential to have the freedom to be true to our best selves, serve our sense of purpose and satisfaction and happiness rules the day. IF! You put in the effort. What a wonderful world it could be!

Understanding Nature’s Operating System

Evolution and life as a whole has been hi-jacked by DNA, the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’ and the selfish gene. DNA turns out to be the least likely representative of life’s dynamic nature, with all organisms being systems of ‘Life as Information’. Time to switch to a new paradigm: ‘Natural selection of the successful’, with attraction and resistance as the foundation to our future evolutionary success. The protein actin (remember actin and myosin in muscle!?) turns out to be the star of the show: The ‘Universal Architect of Life as Information’. The space time organiser and the nature of our material reality.

The emperor’s new clothes are laid bare in my book ‘ Cracking Nature’s Code: The Potential Answer to Eveything ‘ described in the first blog ‘Scientific and Cultural Revolution’. They won’t suit a lot of people. I hope your mind is open enough to receive this information positively. The potential is monumental!

Actin’Going Viral

Scientists identified a potential viral timebomb in 2007! Bill Gates presented a powerful warning in 2015 but preparation was too expensive. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Consequently we are experiencing an unprecedented and painful peacetime war. Feeling the full powerful force of nature is most humbling. Potentially much gentler to experience Mother Nature’s nudges to help guide us than forcing our own hand with Artificial Intelligence or the Apocalypse that might otherwise have been.

Viral infectivity – A hitchhikers guide to the cell.

The actin cytoskeleton plays an important role in the life cycle of every virus. In every part of the infectivity process viruses make use of different cellular cues and signals to enlist the cytoskeleton for their mission. There is probably not a single virus that does not use cytoskeletal in its life cycle. This science paper gives a viral hitchhikers guide to the cell. Viral infection can leave DNA secreted behind. Our DNA is in the order of 8% viral! There is plenty more potential for ancient viruses to wake up and cause illness. Stress (on the actin cytoskeleton) from the environment, from lifestyle or infection may prompt viruses hidden in our genome to stagger back to life, contributing to all sorts of diseases and disorders such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes and schizophrenia.

Coronavirus symptoms

may be as mild as a loss of smell or taste. Just proves the point that actin is the root cause. It synchronises and makes sense of the senses. A third book ‘Sensational’ is in the development phase in case anyone is interested.

So What’s the Solution ?

£20 million on research on Coronavirus genetic secrets just announced could potentially be a monumental waste of time , effort and money unless the root cause of actin is taken into consideration. An immunological approach to reflect the physiological hypothesis described in ‘Cracking Nature’s Code ‘ has the potential to develop a simple Universal solution. :Electroceuticals‘ are catching on, using electricity to kick- start the immune system as a potentially more effective alternative affecting the root cause.

Vaccination is not all it’s cracked up to be

Your chances of Coronavirus infection may be increased by the ‘flu vaccine. Lots of controversy surrounds vaccines at the best of times. Is it just that the heavy metals they contain are just too heavy for actin to support?

So what might have caused Covid-19 to emerge?

A strong candidate is 5G technology. Listen to this hypothesis. My information supports the hypothesis, with actin as the ‘electrome’and organiser of the nucleus. Is it any wonder or just a coincidence that the virus emerged in Wuhan the first 5G city.

5G has caused a lot of adverse reaction. A year ago a medical science Professor described it as the “Stupidest Idea In The History of The World”. Turns out he might be right.

Future emergencies potentially triggered by Climate Change

The direct impact of human stress on environmental temperature is interesting. Both World Wars created an anomalous increase of 20C in the earth’s temperature.

Future Control

Microbiology meet Biology: Reconciling Pasteur and Darwin to control infectious diseases. Actin as the root cause of evolution and microbial resistance has the potential to control not just eradicate on emergence with climate change affecting environmental pressure.

Actin’ Universal

Actin as the Universal Architect of Life as Information has all sorts of implications. Polarisation , phase change and self-organisation operate at all scales (cells, organs, organisms, globally).

It’s what drives human metacognition: Individual and collective behaviour creating cultural evolutionary adaptation just being scientifically realised. IF! Working out that actin is the Universal Architect has the potential for humanity to Head in the Right Direction.

We are human kind by inherent design . Coronavirus has managed to catalyse an explosion of human kindness where we have otherwise failed. If we put our Heads Together now is the right time to fall back in LOVE with life and realise the feeling of the full potential energy of the Power of LOVE.

We are only human. Our superior pattern recognition gives us a depth of imagination we haven’t so far understood how to take advantage of in order to get aHead of the curve of exponential growth of humanity as a whole.

Time in Isolation – Play to Human Advantage

Some of the greatest innovations and ideas were generated day dreaming without conscious overthinking when distracted! Much more flexible and play time has so much potential . The Bubonic Plague allowed Isaac Newton the freedom of thought during isolation to come with all sorts of discoveries, including gravity. Play is more than just fun where we can find delight in simply being, where the doing is not the point. Playing with information and stretching your imagination (image-in-actin) can come up with surprisingly exciting innovative ideas. Put your Heads Up above the rest: Surprise yourself and stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons! If only we had the technology to harness it we could get out of the current state of play and put the fun back into fundamental.

Actin’ Badly.

Actin is the root cause of all sorts of diseases, disorders and distress, including Cancer and Alzheimers . Heads Up gives you some idea. (Watch this space! )

Current Cultural Fix- What’s the Matter!?

Not understanding how life operates we have managed to create a system that could not have been more complicated than if we had tried to design it that way on purpose. Or was it on purpose because simplicity doesn’t pay ? Now is the time to create one that serves human purpose and protect the planet.

Bottom up People Power , is a simple solution to solve complexity in order to get aHead of the Curve of exponential growth: This includes some idea as to what to expect. New valuable jobs include an Internet of People (IoP) as observers of nature in a continuous improvement feedback loop to ensure consequences of change are positive and optimised. Lots more exciting possibilities to look forward to out of the chaos that reigns. What a wonderful world it could be!

“ ‘People Power Generation: On The Highway to Headonism’ is my second book currently in draft – looking for a publisher. It gives a much better idea as to why my ideas make sense ”

Thanks to Coronavirus- Making the Otherwise Impossible Possible

Coronavirus has provided the push for a new economy with human wellbeing and public health as the priority to play to human advantage. Capitalism done right: provides a co-operative system to solve human problems.

Realising Value is Most Important.

The significance of possessing material ‘stuff ‘ and other environmentally expensive nonsense has hopefully fallen by the wayside. The extraordinary positive reaction to key workers in the frontline opens up some interesting possibilities. How about garbage men should be paid more than bankers.

Long term value not short term return on investment (ROI) is required as a guiding principle of innovation with the Internet of Things (IoT) as a case study.

Openness in Everything in a new economic operating system has the potential to create truly monumental opportunities for value creation, particularly as we consider the challenges — greening our economy and weaving a new global social fabric .

(Anti) Social Media

Coronavirus is the first social media ‘info-demic’ , highlighting current flaws in our (anti) social media, fraught with misinformation. This one’s a cracker! Self-information is key to Success:Platforms of reliable up to date information starting to form, especially important with such rapid change in information. Open Access Science Information – Coronavirus Sources. Public access to science is extremely limited and painfully expensive as I have found out to my own great cost. Fortunately science has started to wake up to what’s important. Here are some initiatives at the time of publication: Cell Press; Science magazine; Scientific American; Exaptive Platform – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation- setting a fantastic Philanthropic example. Hopefully this will accelerate open access more widely in the future.

Climate Change

Needed to be treated as a crisis. Government has F**ked Up! The improvements in China and elsewhere as a consequence of Covid-19 have been incredible! Time to take advantage of cultural changes that otherwise seemed impossible. We can’t let this crisis go to waste.

Protopian Potential

New (R)EVOLutionary thinking is required to get humanity back on track with our EVOLutionary purpose – from human race to human kind as peacefully and as soon as humanely possible.

Towards Protopia out of the chaos that reigns, through a science of intentional change with the unifying theoretical ‘success’ framework I have elucidated as the foundation of People Power , in order to effectively evolve the future.

Hopefully we will now fast forward from the broken system we have created for ourselves , from the all consuming hungry caterpillar and co-create a global butterfly effect. Value, wellbeing and happiness become the new guiding principles as nature intended. Inconceivable if left to our own devices.

IF! We can manage to stretch our collective imaginative muscle, far, far, far away from the adjacent possible of the individual in isolation where we will otherwise end up. We can all live happily ever after!

“ For crying out loud- We have the golden opportunity to Head in the Right Direction – Let’s take it! ”

Sharing is Caring

You can help just by sharing this website, following us on social media and sharing that content too. We want to garner peer group science support to our current research, this gives us and you more voice and more reach to progress the realisation of creating a sustainable, natural framework to bring about change. Remember – you can find much more detail and understanding from the book. You can email us direct below or you can post questions on the blog.

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