Is the honeymoon over? (💛LOVE this racy clip) Relationships appear to be falling apart whether it’s you with yourself, relationships with others, wondering about the meaning of life and the future of the planet with bad feelings, frustration, resentment and dis-ease the order of the day.

Money Trap

Nature is the best medicine- enjoy taking your daily dose (💛LOVE this spoof ad.) and achieve the LOVE frequency of your vibration and change the recipe for success of the planet.

We are caught in a honey-money LOVE/ EVOLutionary trap where money is our master, providing an energy bottleneck, strangling the system, where survival is the harsh reality for the majority.

Money can’t buy you LOVE or happiness – Happiness Africa was my big wake up – comes from sharing the excitement of being alive! Not stuff and nonsense of stuff, others expectations, inherited wisdom of modern success measures.

It’s what you bring to the party not takeaway

Nature has a fundamental reward system – where sugar is the currency of success (bees LOVE sugar attracted by a plants electrical buzz); money is a human artificial bitter/sweet sugar replacement for our true meaning of life to feeling valuable with a sense of purpose.

It has made us into busy fools – time to switch to busy bees to get back to being true to self, not just doing beyond thinking and create a hive mind, with collective communication of information, that can tap the knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuitions of millions of people, and produce a super-intelligence to achieve our full potential and counter balance the potential adverse impact of artificial intelligence.

Stuck in the human glue of our self-created Matrix (Neo meets the Architect: Amazing movie – decoded – so true!), now is the time to choose to reconnect with the Universal Architect of life into a fluid extracellular matrix to find our sense of purpose and make it so well worth living, creating the energetic honeymoon effect, as sweet as it was designed to be – liquid gold!

Fundamental Nature

The fundamentality of intelligence through collective behaviour, co-operation and the role of the extracellular matrix is beautifully apparent in micro-organisms

The intelligence and emotions of bees shouldn’t be a surprise, if you have the actin cytoskeleton in mind as the Universal Architect – connecting more dots bees lose their buzz from pesticides interfering with their vibrations and pesticides affect actin in cancer cells – Aha! It shouldn’t really be a surprise that we are Human Kind by Nature, tuning into true friends, magnetic spread of co-operation and reciprocity (not money!) to make the world go round – not the dis-ease Human beings have become (more Wisdom from the Matrix!)

A fundamental human disconnect with the Universal Laws of Nature is the root cause of our current crises. A peaceful (R)EVOLutionary solution, is vital to success. If we connect with consciousness we have the potential to solve everything. (💛LOVE Giles Hutchins!) .

Russel Brand also gets it! REVOLUTION gives a vision for a fairer, sexier society that’s fun and inclusive as a real possibility. Time to put the FUN back into fun-da-mental!

Ancient Wisdom

Progressively, spiritual phenomena long recognised in Ancient Wisdom and Eastern medicine such as acupuncture, hypnosis, yoga and energy healing have been at least vindicated if not fully embraced by science. 💛 LOVE Inner Worlds Outer Worlds films to give you a fast-track sense of our true nature. Meditation benefits abound, including solving terrorism.

The ancient Egyptians knew how to use electrical brain stimulation – Scientists have recently discovered how to use it to amplify learning – Matrix style. The interstitium as a ‘new’ organ has just been labelled by science- it appears to be what has been described as Qi meridians for quite some time. The crown chakra also has a new scientific identity.

Universal Field

A scientific explanation of interconnectivity and the electromagnetic communication between organisms, each other and the universal field makes perfect sense, with ‘magnetoreception ‘ identified as a human sixth sense, the primal sense of evolution.

The Mind to Matter book gives chapter and (uni)verse on the science and symptoms of our amazing creative potential and a foundation for the secret of the Secret – Law of Attraction through synchronicity (Nature’s Secret to achieving full action potential) and contagious spread of positive energy.

Getting in the flow optimises creativity and innovation – without the distraction of the pressure of money would facilitate the process (I know!)

Collective consciousness is measurable according to Schumann Resonance as a system feedback loop. The great news is humanity is waking up with consciousness rising. (The disaster of 9/11 was duly recorded – also spookily predicted on so many occasions.)

How amazing to facilitate and accelerate an awakening of global consciousness by realising our full action potential, get over our-selves and our current state. Goodness knows what opportunities that may bring to the party!

Fundamental Root Cause

All have missed the point of actin as the fundamental root cause! A sense of purpose or direction is recognised as key to health and happiness, but current theories as to the underlying process lack substance.

This article suggests if it turns out to be a physical issue you would see lots of funding going into it – I sincerely hope so. that is what I have managed to do by Cracking Nature’s Code!.

By inherent design of consciousness, I propose success in achieving purpose is measured by our biology to recognise a co-operative balanced state by alignment with our internal and external environments, through powers of quantum resonance in the actin cytoskeleton – Good Vibrations!

Making the quantum connection to the Universal field and packets of information starts to make sense of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

We’re only just waking up to the opportunities – now is the time to learn what we have been missing out on without costing a packet!

Essence (Energy-Sense) of Life

Is it worth the effort? The risk/ cost-benefit /value/ decision making process as to whether to take action is inherent in the fundamental biological design process.

Taking the path of least resistance and adversity to change have become the norm. – the effort paradox– too much effort and barriers in the way with the risk of potentially no reward at the end.

Overcome the barriers and resistance to change and include a proportionate reward we can make the effort worthwhile and encourage participation in the collective people power process.

The monumental breakthroughs that identifying the Universal secret agent can potentially bring – and technology – to engage People Power will hopefully make my monumental effort worthwhile!

💛LOVE the positive reaction to my superhuman effort:
Resonance Academy: Nassim Haramein ‘s colleague William Brown: “(You are) at the forefront of consciousness and connectivity science. Bringing together research from numerous fields (your) work and vision offers a far-ranging synthesis of ideas that, when applied, will shape the course of investigation and development in the science of a truly connected universe.”

Unblocking Frustrations

Sense of Excitement Turned on its Head Leads to Frustration, Temptation and Evil!!!:The explosive nature of the biological secret agent of life, has amazing potential for positive change. In the absence of the freedom to pursue your passion, it can negatively backfire through frustration (frustrated – action when your path to purpose is blocked, giving the irresistible urge to release potential energy), temptation to take risks to buck the system and when the worst comes to the worst be EVIL (the polar opposite to the meaning of being aLIVE where self-esteem through gratitude leads to wellbeing, not letting off a head of steam). Getting to the root cause, breakdown the barriers and releasing the pressure is vital for success in engineering a peaceful transition to the new story of excitement. Otherwise it could be Game Over!

Wise-up not Rise-Up: Snobbery & elitism have kept science & spirituality artificially apart in the absence of an underpinning science foundation. Other hotly contested and scientifically taboo phenomena such as ESP are likely to become accepted once we have recognised the physical foundation at the root of the matter. Turning on our full potential People Power we can truly get started on the serious business of establishing holistic treatments to cure many diseases and create human unity – a solution for Humanity.

What a Wonder-fuelled world it could be! We now have the chance to build technology to zoom out and view our position from a macroscopic perspective, take a holistic view, get creative and develop a collective game plan for a wonderful future. Now is the time to turn on People Power , to tap into and capitalise on full human potential , our human resources , and turn off capitalism, depleting our natural resources.

Coming to our senses and taking positive action is our best bet to save the planet, so says David Attenborough, so (should) say all of us!

Many individuals are doing what they can. But real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics

Sir David Attenborough

Are you ready!? (💛 LOVE this song!) To Be part of the (R)EVOLution, To be part of the solution, Step forward into time, To Make your contribution! Please say YES!!!

Time to fall back in LOVE with Life, Each Other & the Planet

Sharing is Caring

You can help just by sharing this website, following us on social media and sharing that content too. We want to garner peer group science support to our current research, this gives us and you more voice and more reach to progress the realisation of creating a sustainable, natural framework to bring about change. Remember – you can find much more detail and understanding from the book. You can email us direct below or you can post questions on the blog.