Immature Babies

In the EVOLutionary scheme of things, humans are immature babies. We have been here a very short time and caused lots of damage (The Big Picture in Seven Scales).

Buckminster Fuller got it right by design some time ago. We have learnt by trial and error how the system is supposed to operate and have yet to get a proper grip, let alone stand up, find our feet, hold our own and be held accountable as responsible wise managers of the planet . We have so far missed the point of our personal and collective purpose through our disconnection with the Universal forces of nature and have found ourselves in a scary, unsafe and unsustainable space, on a human race to the bottom. He identified the design principles of geodesic domes, physical ‘tensegrity’ and triangulation – turning knowledge into wisdom. Understanding the nature of the inherent design of our biology to achieve our full potential and embed it into a technology creative thinking tool is my solution to achieving our purpose and planetary success – an Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. I have unwittingly followed in his footsteps and like him have been my own guinea-pig. He predicted that one person’s breakthrough would pave the way for 99,999 others – more than enough to cover the unemployment gaps coming from the advent of Artificial Intelligence. I think his ideas were premature.

With the invention of the internet, advent of AI and the untapped potential of Blockchain, the time is right by design to create a shared future of safe and secure Human-unity with an internet Safety.Net in a fractured world, not the futility we have created. The Powers that be have a tiny clue as to a solution to shape the future – engage with AI , each to their own devices and hope for the best – a different kind of chaos to look forward to! I hope you enjoy my ideas and look forward to your constructive feedback. Far better to shape an idea than to have no idea at all!

Cracking Natures Code

Embryonic Hypothesis – Cracking Nature’s Code. Out of the box thinking, joining the pieces of my inner (self) information, with outer (environmental clues) information, processed through pattern recognition and analogies (diagnostic of the immune response and key characteristic of the human brain ), meaningful coincidences (membrane- actin connection) and imagination (data visualisation and triangulation) has brought me straight to the point – with the actin cytoskeleton providing the physical form for information – the missing piece of the puzzle as the Universal fundamental process originator of the origin of life, orchestrator of evolution, consciousness and intelligence and receiver of Universal information. The magic key to integrated information theory that cracked it for me is that the velocity of actins electrical waves corresponds with action potential velocities in excitable tissues (confirmed by the concept of the electrome), as well as the startling realisation that information communication across nerve synapses, orchestrated by actin, bears a remarkable resemblance to a solenoid, an electromagnetic switch (thanks to a Chance! conversation with my neighbour). Harnessing it will lead us to realising our full exciting potential – How Exciting!? Remains to be seen to be believed. It’s explosive nature, has amazing potential for positive change. Not leading us into the temptation of naughty behaviour will be key to success.

Non Science-ical

Science Business Non-Sense as Usual Won’t Crack It! I discussed publication in a science journal in collaboration with a UK University. In order to do so I would need to do a rewrite to comply with the current science set up which positively discourages innovation – apparently it is usual to reflect the science in chronological sequence of discovery. That would be like fitting a square peg into a round hole. Since the current normal has seemingly failed to deliver, this presents a rather unusual set of circumstances. What I propose reflects lines and weight of evidence as output from the process, biomimicry of the intelligence process, a principle being adopted for policy decision making, much more valuable and relevant – misses the point!?

Human success throughout evolution has been our ingenuity (inner- genius) in designing and building tools. We have had the intelligence to build technology yet lack of knowledge regarding how our own brain works is the biggest barrier to unlocking our true potential. Such knowledge in conjunction with synergistic co-creation in a symbiotic relationship with AI is the greatest opportunity and challenge we face. Success in doing so will define humanity’s future. Again I have tried to share my ideas for a Catalyst of Cultural Change – mostly met with stony silence – not golden! The Royal Society of Arts realised the potential for high social impact, with no interest to progress.

Golden Egg

Times Up! Golden Egg Layed. I have joined loads of other pieces of the puzzle that suggest actin as the space and time orchestrator makes sense of all-sorts of current science mysteries, including biological senses, synchronicity as Natures success strategy to achieving full action potential, Quantum Mechanics and sense of Time itself. Not so surprising in hindsight due to its fundamental role in the nature of nature.

“More than just a coincidence that actin is key to physiological space and time organisation in our biology and cosmological spacetime. An embryonic Theory of Everything. Time will tell if I am right!”

Naughty! The risk/cost-benefit/value/decision making process as to whether to take action is fundamental to the biological inherent design process. Anti-social behaviour is born out of boredom and frustration seeking the excitement that should be our birth right! In the absence of the freedom to pursue your passion, it can negatively backfire through frustration (frustrated – action when your path to purpose is blocked, giving the irresistible urge to release potential energy), temptation to take risks to buck the system and when the worst comes to the worst be EVIL ( the polar opposite to the meaning of being aLIVE where self-esteem through gratitude leads to wellbeing, not letting off a head of steam).

The teenage brain brings its own challenges. Hormones have an interesting impact on encouraging risky behaviour with often disastrous consequences. There is currently a mismatch between the maturity of executive function, responsible for the risk decision process and the hormone driven risk taking limbic system. Embedding values is recognised as being important in directing positive behaviour. Criminal activity is another symptom of the fundamental design process in extreme environmental conditions and circumstances, leading to high risk decisions and naughtiness. Terrorism is an extreme version of the same process. Successful solutions can be achieved by addressing root-cause rather than treating symptoms.

Systems Reboot

Education is a set up

The education system set up for the third industrial revolution has stifled our natural curiosity and imagination. We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t yet been invented to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet. The solution is recognised as adaptive learning, powered by artificial intelligence – I couldn’t agree more. The wisdom based approach to future education and societal transformation is right on track with a perfect fit – it’s as if I had written the paper myself!

Grow Up & Take Responsibility

Blaming intelligence as a victim of genetics – no excuse , or socio-economic circumstance – no excuse. Taking responsibility for your own actions is key to success. Risky teenage behaviour can be taken care of by encouraging development of the natural design process from an early age through redesign of education and a social network founded on natural highs. Crime shouldn’t pay – crime prevention through finding purpose and value in employment is going to become even harder with the gaps AI is creating. Getting to the root cause, breakdown the barriers and releasing the pressure is vital for success in engineering a peaceful transition to the new story of excitement. Harnessing negative passions and redirecting them to a unified vision of a mature human-unity to defuse our immature state of play, refuse the status quo and put the FUN back into fundamental. Otherwise it could be Game Over!
I believe my ideas as a solution to success provide a robust starting point to walking the walk, to build on a solid foundation of evolutionary principles and to get back on track.

Make It Worth The Effort

Taking the path of least resistance and adversity to change have become the norm – the effort paradox – too much effort and barriers in the way with the risk of potentially no reward at the end. Overcome the barriers and resistance to change and include a proportionate reward we can make the effort worthwhile and encourage willpower through a mindset of growth and participation in the collective intelligence process. The monumental breakthroughs that identifying the Universal secret agent can potentially bring and technology to engage People Power will hopefully make my monumental effort worthwhile!

Baby Steps

Baby steps in the right direction are always advisable to avoid falling on your face. People Power has a very valuable part to play in saving the planet, not least in the impact of individual baby steps in the right direction to move more rapidly towards a sustainable safe space.
Key features of the creative thinking tool are designed to harness People Power potential and get us up and running in the same direction as safely and as soon as possible:


Finding purpose and the right direction is fundamental to the cause:

  • Look where you are going! Visioning success and identifying baby steps towards it are most likely to be successful, without putting excess pressure on the system and blowing the circuitry of your mind. Identifying resources (in-formation, human, financial) , barriers to be removed or planned for and achievable timescales may be the next step, depending on the context and scale of the piece of the puzzle.
  • Acti(o)n Plan: Adjustment of achievable targets for success will be a highly value-able asset. The science of goal setting explains why: Baby achievable steps in the right direction are best to avoid disappointment.
  • Sweet Dreams: Visibility of the status of all action plans in a dashboard provides self-satisfaction you are on track and in control, designed to help you sleep like a baby. During sleep, information is self-organised so strong connections from brain trains of thought are consolidated into strong lines of evidence and weak ones subject to synaptic pruning (another science puzzle solved!?). Export of poor ideas , decisions and emotionally expensive people and import of the opposite leads to a happy balance and a great Head Start for positively facing the next day.

Technology toys to technology tools

Human evolutionary success has been spelled out in our ability to create tools to make life easier. A new theory of language is a beautiful example if you think of it in terms of a technology that takes pieces of experience as its input and produces instructions for imagination as output – another beautiful fit with my ideas. Tech-know-logical enhancement of natural imagination in the creative thinking tool embedded in the success framework will allow us to stretch our imaginations individually and collectively, to take us to a land far, far away, once upon a time we couldn’t have dreamt of. Another way to look at it is we have evolved enough to create the technology – we now have the chance to give technology what it wants to deliver the next phase of evolution.

We have the lego blocks with an immature Internet, social networks at face value, and the potential for deeper meaningful value and trust with Blockchain providing the potential for safety and security in an internet Safety.Net. Making friends with AI is the greatest challenge and opportunity, whilst avoiding the possibility of opening Pandora’s box that we are other-wise in danger of doing. Success is not likely to be instant. Provided we have the right ingredients, we can change the recipe and formula for success, let go of the current state of play and have much more play time and Fun!.

Mother Nature doesn’t put all her eggs in one basket – I know I am not the only one thinking along the same lines/on the same wavelength. I find myself in a lonely and frustrating space, having spent so much time in perseverance (through-severance – Sincere apology to cutting myself off to Friends!) making as much sense as I can before feeling enough confidence to reach out and share the excitement of my ideas with you. Now is the right time to connect in order to create a People Power voice for change – nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time is now. I look forward to joining forces.

Time to turn our toys into tools to leverage change – Wake Up & Grow Up!

Sharing is Caring

You can help just by sharing this website, following us on social media and sharing that content too. We want to garner peer group science support to our current research, this gives us and you more voice and more reach to progress the realisation of creating a sustainable, natural framework to bring about change. Remember – you can find much more detail and understanding from the book. You can email us direct below or you can post questions on the blog.