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Protest and crystal ball gazing for progress without a plan is pointless.  Redesign current systems  by nature’s simple EVOLutionary design principles is the solution to point us in the right direction. Transformation to realise full human Protopian potential to serve human purpose, life should be fulfilling for everybody. Delivering Protopian potential is best described in the Global Futures Report1. Not to be mistaken with historical failed Utopian human artificial constructs. It’s not just my imagination!

Protopia: In the rawest nature, Protopia defines a state where we’re not longer fighting for survival (Dystopia), nor are we accepting perfection (Utopia). We’ve become accountable for our need, our desire to perpetually chase the better.

Marcus K Wong


The Human Operating System has failed. We have managed to surround ourselves with climate change and all sorts of crises. Mother Nature has just intervened with Coronavirus coming as a huge shock to the system and the perfect storm to facilitate and accelerate changing the game of life to its exciting potential. The strength of the Head Case beforehand was resting on crises yet to be realised, being accelerated by the hand of artificial intelligence. The case for change could not be any stronger now, with natural guiding principles. We are in real danger of falling foul of our own ‘success’. If we don’t make intelligent wisdom based intentional change, it’s potentially EVOLutionary Game Over.

Imagine! Freedom to carve your own EVOLutionary niche to suit your unique sense of SELF – LOVE and Live Life to the Full- The Ultimate Luxury!


People Power has the potential for a peaceful (R)EVOLution to create a world of difference. Thinking aHead life could be wonderful. A cultural EVOLutionary tipping point is required to create a new normal to change the State of Play away from the Chaos that Reigns with so much potential to create a system that realises an exciting human future that works for the majority. Falling back in LOVE with life by putting our Heads Together and re- connecting with nature has some amazing surprises in store and co-create a new normal. My ideas provide a cultural change catalytic mechanism to align what you are doing with your human being for wellbeing, happiness and self-satisfaction worth putting your Hearts and Heads into.


(R)EVOLutionary thinking is desperately needed to redesign the system and get back on track with nature to a new story of real success. Evolution and emergence are recognised as principles to evolve the future and Head in the Right Direction avoiding unexpected consequences and changing the nature of the crises otherwise created by the current culture of protest and demanding deadlines.

Mission Impossible without Support!

The purpose of this website is to attract enough of the right attention and support to break through the suffocating barriers and broken disconnected systems to realise the possibilities of a reimagined future to fulfill People Power potential and change the game of life.

Crisis has always been the mother of invention. Innovation is our way out of this Mother Nature of a crisis and avoid others yet to materialise

I require support and collaboration from professional publishers to help spread the word, general supporters that are otherwise protesting to create enough pressure for change, progressive collaborators to help make the dream real and philanthrocapitalists to invest and kick start the process. Time to get on board a 21st Century Noah’s Ark. Something worth making a superhuman effort for. Otherwise WTF!?

Build Back MUCH Better – Shatter-Proof Foundation:

Building on Buckminster Fuller’s ideas for a design revolution in innovation in ‘Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth’ , in EVOLutionary terms we are immature babies with a lot of growing up to do, in order to realise our full potential. Merging Nature’s simple design principles with technology was his solution to create technology that does more with less, with one person’s breakthrough paving the way for 99,999 others. I think his ideas, published in 1969, were premature. My ideas bring better understanding of Nature’s simple design rules and advances in technology make now the right time to making real progress. Here’s a Head Start as to what to look forward to.

Cracking Natures Code – A Simple Solution To Solve Complexity

The protein actin provides the centre-piece of the puzzle missing as the Universal Architect of Life as Information at its origin, evolution as ‘selection of the successful’, consciousness, being human and quantum mechanics. Information is conducted from the environment to the cell through the membrane, co-operating with the immune system and mitochondria at the front end, orchestrating a physical process of information triangulation (What If!) and instruction of DNA at the back-end, in a dynamic energetic and physical feedback loop for continuous improvement in order to optimise physiological adaptation to the environment. In essence it provides your unique sense of self and provides inner guidance to success, self-satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

Head Case Brand New Name of the EVOLutionary Game

It so happens ‘Selection of the Successful’ turns out to be the case, not the genetic EVOLutionary game theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ we have learned to LOVE. Actin is the driving force, being far and away superior an information processor than DNA2.

Biomimicry of the ‘Success Framework’ simple design principles in technology as a creative thinking tool to complement and enhance our natural creativity and imagination, embedded in a 3-layered model to reflect the micro-, meso- and macro- scales of EVOLution, underpinned with Blockchain is my solution.”


This Success Framework potentially removes the current energy blocks, of money, patents, limits to current ‘expert’ knowledge and imagination, potential plagiarism and fear and pain of exposure to an immune reaction to far-fetched ideas. Especially attractive to me is less patience would be required. Currently great discoveries take a long time to materialise (IF realised! They might get missed altogether) with limitations and hurdles of funding3 could be avoided to catalyse the process and reduce frustration ( I know it so well! ). If AI validates a human hunch, evaluates and rewards novelty and impact of human creativity without it being missed at the earliest opportunity and we get to exercise our imaginations and do the interesting, exciting and valuable stuff. An AI Human symbiosis – Evolution’s innovation process.. .

Cultural Tipping Point in Principle

EVOLutionary cultural tipping points have historically happened through change in information storage and communication processes4. What I have managed to bring to the party is a better understanding of nature’s inherent simple design rules. The Universal natural operating system is one of ‘Life as Information’, your unique Self- Information Technology processing system. Natural ‘high’ rewards when positively on form. Nature’s negative nudges (e.g. anxiety and depression) kick in to motivate action in a different direction to suit your inner-self. I have experienced enough natural ‘highs’ and encouragement on the journey to justify carrying on beyond the disappointments.

Application as a foundation for the process by which ‘People Power’ is generated, has the potential as a smart peaceful (R)EVOLution to facilitate and accelerate the transformation out of the chaos from hungry caterpillar to global butterfly and minimise the pain of transition we are currently in grave danger of. Not opening the Pandora’s Box that AI might otherwise be.

Open Innovation – Open Sesame!

Transforming innovation to being open and inclusive to encourage technologically literally everybody, rewarding value and effort underpinned by crypto-currency as the EVOLutionary self-organising value experiment is what we need to get aHead of the Curve of exponential growth, to realise full People Power potential – Fast! Time critical to change the EVOlutionary game to be the exciting one it is designed to be!

Dr. Head by Name – Potentially Head Case by Nature

Who says so? My ideas might seem leftfield (or even crazy) right now. Hopefully they will prove to be ‘hard to imagine life otherwise’ in hindsight. Mother Nature doesn’t put all her eggs in one basket/Head Case – I know I cannot be the only one thinking along the same lines/on the same wavelength – if you are then lets have dialogue! There is too much evidence to ignore. I am always Thinking aHead life could be wonderful.

Innovation BAAAA HUMBUG – the Nature of the Beast!

Challenging the Status Quo


If you have an idea that you think has potential for a Scientific and Cultural Revolution and could be the greatest thing since sliced bread, you can’t afford to be sheepish. You need to be very brave or crazy to set yourself up for the process. It’s been a painful frustrating path with endless queues, road blocks, dead ends, ewe turns and no idea of success. Scientists providing support turned out to be very sheepish about the ramifications. Not a great recommendation. I think I have a simple solution to make it MUCH easier and worthwhile to be the golden sheep and keep the big bad wolf from the door.


I have managed to enter the ‘Lion’s Den of Evolutionary Biology’ I didn’t realise existed5. Breakthroughs usually take 50 years before they are accepted and acted upon. So far all science feedback has been positive if not mostly met by stony silence. Daring to challenge the Science establishment has required a monumental amount of effort and courage. More courage required to break the record to deliver the potential in the time available.


My ideas don’t fit with current cultural expectations of entering the Dragon’s Den to make a commercial pitch. Pitching for preconceived ideas doesn’t work. Funding and potential prizes are also out of reach as an enterprise consisting of primarily me, myself and I.

A Beautiful fit with Progressive Ideas

Science Short Falls in Driving Innovation – Science Syntheses on the Cards

A powerful critique published in the Nature journal of what’s missing, highlighted by Coronavirus ‘Economists must collaborate courageously. To navigate pandemic trade-offs, policymakers need syntheses’, is a real beauty to my mind!6. It confirms my experience with the science establishment and a real need for reform to drive progress in solving complex problems to which I have a potential solution. My science synthesis speaks volumes (if people will take the time to read it).

People Powered Citizen Scientists – Responsible Research and Innovation

The advantage of including citizen scientists in order to steer research in the right direction to solve complex societal problems has been recognised in principle for some time. Resistance and tensions from the science establishment and lack of openness to a bottom up approach are key principles getting in the way of success7. My experience again, brings ideas that potentially overcome the barriers.

Global Reboot – The Powers that Be Talking the People Power Talk

The World Economic Forum gives an outline of what is required to reboot the current global system8 in particular to provide tools of engagement with the individual as a focus .Their biggest policy challenge is how to incorporate People Power in the growth process, with inclusivity as the key to success9. Coronavirus has catalysed the realisation that drowning in data is not enough- interconnected insight and discovery is what we need to potentially achieve a much brighter future10. Uplink is their first generation of an innovation platform with ideas input validated by AI has been launched11. My ideas have the potential to be its next evolution.

Future Success Framework

Evolution and the emergence process have separately been identified as the key to future success frameworks across a variety of disciplines including economics and public policy12. My ‘Success Framework‘ fits the bill otherwise missing in Biology. This convergence of the same idea created separately, is another consequence of human artificial separation of intelligence – maximum efficiency to engineer serendipity comes as a consequence of my ideas.

Cultural (R)EVOLutionary Mission in Principle

A ‘revolution’ in government’ is proposed requiring a research mission-oriented policy tool for citizen engagement to guide governance13 and catalyse intentional change, in demand to successfully evolve the future. My book as the information output provides a proof of principle for development for such a tool, by reflecting lines and weight of evidence, a principle already adopted by the EU for policy decision making for food safety14.

Crackpot Ideas Change the World

Coronavirus is a monumental wake up to neoliberalism not working and crackpot ideas are needed to provide solutions. Its fundamental flaw is based on the dogma of most humans being selfish15: ‘ It’s from that cynical view of human nature that all the rest followed – the privatisation, the growing inequality, and the erosion of the public sphere. Now a space has opened up for a different, more realistic view of human nature: that humankind has evolved to cooperate. It’s from that conviction that all the rest can follow – a governance based on trust, a taxation system rooted in solidarity, and the sustainable investments needed to secure our future. And all this just in time to be prepared for the biggest test of this century, our pandemic in slow motion – climate change.’

My science synthesis fills that space and provides the proof that we are not ruled by ‘selfish genes’ and cooperation is the name of the game. My crackpot ideas have the potential to make the world of difference. Well worth my monumental best effort.

Dr JB. Head

Business Unusual! Making Common Sense

In Principle – Lightweight

Joining the Pieces of science to better understand how intelligence operates, towards collective intelligence and a healthy symbiosis with Artificial Intelligence (Nature’s simple success strategy) has the greatest potential to get aHead of the curve for human success and make life as easy and exciting as it was designed to be.

In Practice – Heavy Duty

Citizen scientists like me have a potentially extremely important part to play in innovating our way out of troubled waters: Culturing pearls of wisdom by stringing them together and floating new ideas Heads Up from the treasures buried in the information we are drowning in with exciting consequences and potential for rapid progress and reward. I have surprised myself with the potential of what I managed to pull together. I think I have a heavy duty string of pearls that really needs to be shared – Seriously hoping to pull it off and make the dream real!

In Future: ‘People Power Generation – On a Highway to Headonism’ Why my ideas make Common Sense

EVOLutionary Game on – Playing on Positive Reactions

Cracking On – Happy Enough Science Wise

All the science feedback I have received for the book has been extremely positive. See what’s publically available for yourself. The book contains further glowing comments. Constructive feedback from Joe Public has been directed at complexity, style and structure. Marking your own homework is virtually impossible. Professional editorial support and/or collaboration would be really helpful.

Catalysing Cultural Change Reaction – Potentially High Social Impact!

The science synthesis since published as ‘Cracking Nature’s Code’ and the draft for my next book ‘People Power Generation’ were submitted as proof of principle for a ‘Catalyst of Cultural Change’ for a new citizens economy challenge by the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) is described in how to get aHead of the curve. It received a great independent reaction from a panel of ‘experts’ pre-publication in 2017, realising the potentially high social impact. It turned out to be a curveball and missed the net in the final evaluation. Success was limited by two outstanding questions, for which I am still looking for answers – HOW? To develop the seed AI prototype/framework. WHO? Is right to take the lead. If you think you can help with the above, you can add to the mix? Be part of something (R)EVOlutionary – please get in touch!

Playing all by myself – not much fun!

Citizen Silo

As a citizen scientist operating on the periphery of the scientific establishment (often the source of revolutionary science breakthroughs) initial self-publication in 2019 was the only route open to me to share my labour of LOVE. Potential development of the technology is also closed: Funding and/or research schemes often exclude individual enterprises like mine! Ideas are often pre-formulated to compete for or require enterprises of more substance than just me, myself and I. At first glance, commercially my ideas might not make sense, even if I had the skills to go there, however by natural design it would be self-sustainable and rewarding in a multitude of ways outside of the restraints of current failing systems.

Innovation well worth thinking about

I am a big thinker and these are my ideas. Better to kick a ball around than no ball at all on an empty field and a sea of blank faces spectating wondering what life is supposed to be about.

I am very hopeful that broadcasting my message will prevent it falling foul, into the evolutionary trap of money and lack of imagination that frequently befalls innovation – how lucky information theory didn’t fall foul! It was an incredibly near miss16 . It’s hard to imagine life without it as the source of electromagnetic wave communication tools that we all take for granted. Better understanding of ‘Life as Information’ I bring to the party potentially provides its next EVOLutionary trajectory to Epoch 6, avoiding the Apocalypse we might otherwise be heading for in the current State of Play. Thinking aHead Life could be wonderful IF! We play our cards right.

Party On! Please join in

Team Captain – My Job on the Steering Committee

Depends how the ship shapes up. Otherwise in danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

Check out my Captain’s Blogs: See how far out I stand from the crowd!?

Dr JB.Head

MUCH Better – Check Out ‘Cracking Nature’s Code’

A confidence boost would be as welcome as a token return on my daring, monumental investment, to help turn my and the whole world around. You never know, it could turn out to be a valuable piece of history before its next evolution from its current proof of principle.

Professional Publishers: Opening Up to Wider Readership and Future Direction

Cracking Nature’s Code

My monumental best effort, I would really appreciate some professional advice, in order to warrant the wide readership I was advised by my scientific collaborators before they shut shop. Feedback suggests it may well be struggling with its own identity crisis and redesign required fit for whatever purpose. Wider readership by Joe Public is what I also have in mind. Future academic textbook is another direction it could usefully go. Development of the autobiographical element may also have potential as a source of inspiration as intended, would make me really happy!

People Power Generation Needs Bringing to Life

Currently in draft, it might require updating. Publication as an e-book would be relatively straightforward. Publication in print is what I have in mind. Professional support would make the job much easier, quicker and effective.

Sensational – In Progress

There is a lot more to life than meets the eye. The actin information processing system makes sense of the senses that science is currently struggling with. Better understanding to include filling the science blind spot of human experience leading to realising full human potential is what I have in mind. Nobel prizes have been awarded for better understanding of various elements. Missing the point of actin we are really missing out. You never know!

Potential in the Pipeline – Direction Invaluable

I have 5 years worth of un-synthesised information stored under the title ‘Actin Really’. Guidance on prioritisation and direction would be invaluable. Are you in tune with this area of science? – if so, please do drop me a line.

Progressive Technology Enterprises: Key Jobs Currently Identified.

LOVE the idea of AI Scientific Validation and Evaluation!

The potential value for synthesising existing research is extraordinary by giving it a Heads Up through engagement of citizen scientists. Discovery of actin as the root cause of Alzheimer’s, cancer and other diseases and disorders was validated using an AI evolutionary algorithm, published in science and buried again. I would LOVE my book to be subject to AI validation as proof of principle, to accelerate acceptance and save a lot of potential grief in the future. Having potentially discovered the secret agent of life as information it would be ironic if it became the best kept secret without a wider audience that I was led to believe it was worthy of, before the scientists suddenly shut shop without an explanation. Was its potential disruption to business as usual the reason WHY? Or other-wise? There are bound to be weaknesses and flaws in such an ambitious attempt to bridge all the science gaps. The foundations are robust enough to build a much stronger case. I am very open to ideas. If there are errors just break it to me gently. I am happy to be proven wrong.

A New Type of Technology Build

Phase1: Start Up – Creative Thinking Tool Prototype – VALUABLE

Development of the ‘Success Framework’ into a biomimiced creative thinking tool in your private space in practice is key. Design features compliment personalised wellbeing to get you in the right positive frame of mind and a dream dashboard to help your self-organising information processing system to create your best work life balance and sleep well. 

Phase 2: Level Up – VITAL

Embedding the thinking tool into a 3 layered model (micro, meso and macro levels of evolution) to share and grow ideas, increasing value and excitement to realise full potential for an innovation platform as a starting point. Playing to human emotional intelligence quotient advantage (EQ not IQ) to find your X-factor in symbiosis with AI as a process to catalyse better understanding and management of a whole host of endemic system failures, lack of transparency, trust, evidence, and disorders as well as climate change and to be able to anticipate, prepare and manage crises yet to materialise.

Phase 3: Scale Up – Connecting Everything for Cultural Transformation – PRICELESS

Fundamental changes to mindset and skill set to reflect natural simple design principles at all scales of organisation of the global system are required – individual, collective, enterprise, institutional and governance. Educational transformation to develop natural Curiosity Quotient (CQ) for self-interest and sense of satisfaction. Skills become transferrable and information open across disciplines without boundaries . Lifelong learning to continuously grow , adaptively experiment and progress, informed by environmental pressure and continuous feedback, in order to evolve to reflect human nature. No more punishing school competition, pointless manmade jobs to save for retirement. Minimising temptation for crime and aggression is a real possibility. Poverty becomes historical by providing basic human rights for all with underdeveloped countries leapfrogging industrial and cultural revolutions ‘progressed’ elsewhere. Future freedom by rewarding value, effort, experience and meritocracy (without -isms , cultural divisions, special privileges and geographical borders) to look forward to. 

Life is designed to be cooperative through ‘Selection of the Successful’ and EVOLve continuously. Redesign by nature’s simple EVOLutionary design principles is the solution.Serving human purpose , life should be exciting for everybody. Time to deliver Protopian potential , live life to your fullest potential and fall back in LOVE with yourself, each other, nature and the planet.

My proposal for United Nations reform submission speaks volumes:

Click for Presentation

Progressive Team Players

Visionary Enterprises and Individuals Wanted: Positions Open for Discussion.

Philanthrocapitalist – Kick Start:

Using private wealth imaginatively, constructively and systematically to attack our fundamental problems is a new idea and potentially accelerates funding valuable innovation17 Unfortunately I don’t know anybody that fits the bill. If you are one, or know the one who can make the change – please get in touch to make history.

Support and Voice – People Power Generation Reboot!

Create excitement to build external pressure for change. A forum platform is in development to build on ideas.

If not my ideas – so what’s the future?

If you have any, I would LOVE to hear them and hope you can resist the temptation of sending unhelpful feedback along the lines of the ‘ LOVE’ letters sent to Richard Dawkins in response to his idea of the ‘selfish gene’. Make your Head Count – I need YOU to join the party and Take Action !

Sharing is Caring

You can help just by sharing this website, following us on social media and sharing that content too. We want to garner peer group science support to our current research, this gives us and you more voice and more reach to progress the realisation of creating a sustainable, natural framework to bring about change. Remember – you can find much more detail and understanding from the book. You can email us direct below or you can post questions on the blog page.

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