Human Intelligence and AI

Unlocking the human intelligence potential in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI) would make a dent in the Universe.

My contribution has the potential to at least make a small impression by tapping into the potential of human knowledge info-ware into tech-knowlogy software and hardware in a symbiotic relationship with AI – Evolutions innovation process. This could potentially drive a Cambrian explosion in AI and a new inter-operable operating system, that requires careful guidance through synchronicity (nature’s secret weapon to achieving full action potential) and strong governance to avoid a different kind of chaos.

We desperately need a peaceful solution to success and deliver Epoch 5 and the potential for Epoch 6 of evolution by avoiding a messy transition and the potential for World War in the nick of time – here’s a HeadStart as to how we can get aHead of the Curve of exponential growth as a Catalyst of Cultural Change.

Universal Puzzles

Lots of exciting magic and mysterious puzzles of the Universe are yet to be solved. Information theory of consciousness as information transmission is considered to hold the magic key to multidisciplinary understanding that has redefined our world. Joining my own pieces of the puzzle has brought me to an interesting space.

In a nutshell – the electromagnetic actin cytoskeleton is the magic key – the central missing piece of the puzzle that connects space time, origins of life, explosive driver of evolution (with Universal events causing the Cambrian explosion), consciousness, intelligence and the physical form for information such that we are the receivers and transmitters of information in a Universal communication system.

How beautiful that biomimicry of the fundamental process of the root cause of life that caused the Cambrian explosion could become the root cause of a successful Cambrian explosion in AI!

I am very hopeful that broadcasting my message on this website will prevent it falling into the evolutionary trap of money and lack of imagination that frequently befalls innovation – how lucky information theory didn’t fall foul! It was very nearly missed.

It’s hard to imagine life without it as the source of electromagnetic wave communication tools that we all take for granted. If me, myself and I can get this far, I find it even harder to stretch my imagination as to the potential of harnessing our collective intelligence.

This would also ensure we avoid replication of effort, gaps, ensure we aren’t missing any tricks and avoid unexpected negative consequences.

What’s the secret of life as information?

The identity of actin as the Universal architect was secreted in my Ph.D thesis and books on my shelf (lying dormant for 30 years and suddenly springing back to life) with loads of pieces of published science, many of which appeared synchronistically (nature’s secret to success in achieving full action potential) – as if by magic!

It also appears to hold the secret to ‘The Secret‘ Universal Law of Attraction as well as a strong foundation for an embryonic theory of everything – connecting space time to spatial and temporal organisation of our physiology.

The secret of my success

Was using a mind mapping tool – Mind Genius – without which this would have been Mission Impossible. Extremely easy to use and has allowed me to intuitively catch your thoughts and information from disparate sources, make connections, re-organise and visualise otherwise invisible patterns coinciding an analogous to create lines of evidence – the mental dexterity to go right by design.

Not to underestimate or substitute for the hard work, pain and perseverance on the journey. New features include the ability for multiple user interaction and impact/effort assessment facilitate action plans from your ideas generated, promising to provide an even better fitness for purpose.

We have the ingredients, we just need to change the recipe for success

Sharing is Caring

You can help just by sharing this website, following us on social media and sharing that content too. We want to garner peer group science support to our current research, this gives us and you more voice and more reach to progress the realisation of creating a sustainable, natural framework to bring about change. Remember – you can find much more detail and understanding from the book. You can email us direct below or you can post questions on the blog.