Building on the foundation of Coronavirus catalysing a cultural transformation , which includes HOW all viruses hijack cells finely tuned actin electromagnetic architecture in the same way. It leaves some really big questions outstanding.


Vaccination makes no sense when a Universal solution is on the cards.


Science is still in the dark and holding onto 5G as a conspiracy theory.

There is too much evidence to ignore. Current neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory founded on random genetic mutation is fundamentally flawed. A (R)EVOLutionary rethink is required for better understanding of how life operates as ‘Life as Information’ – in other words a Universal Electromagnetic Communication System makes much better sense of the current non-sense. 5G is potentially fundamentally interfering with Mother Nature’s operating system of life. Not a wise move!

New evidence raises a red flag to human progress since science experts being consulted appear oblivious to the risk: Another risk assessment of 5G is vital in the current state of play to inform a mature cost-risk benefit decision before all systems are go. There are much more viral potentialities and other unexpected consequences to be realised otherwise.

Human beings always do the most intelligent thing.. . . ..after they’ve tried every stupid alternative and none of them have worked

Buckminster Fuller

HeadCase Show Case

Moving rapidly onwards and upwards World wake up and grow up showcases the potential of my ideas to create an opportunity to catalyse a wisdom based future vision. Looking forward to creative play time immersed in nature’s electromagnetic information flow. Stretching our collective imaginations to innovate our way out of the current human race to the bottom and co-create a global butterfly effect realising full human potential, potentially makes 5G superfluous. Thinking aHead life could be wonderful!

Coronavirus Confusion

Trying to make sense of life as it currently stands is really hard, especially with so much conflicting information flying around. I found this overview article really helpful as a guide, including the science as we understand it, cultural considerations, Heroes Journey (feels like I’m on one!) and bats out of hell being unlikely! Last but not least, understanding is beyond the reach of science ‘experts’1. I hope you do too!

Science ‘Expert’ Case for Pseudoscience 

In an article published by the BBC science says 5G as the root cause is ‘complete rubbish’!2 A BBC Reality Check also reports that science has decided there is not enough evidence to prove 5G unsafe. Some physical heating is apparent3. Heating people up is hardly the issue when you think you understand the root cause.

A ‘World View’ published in ‘Nature’, makes fascinating reading to my mind4.In the authors opinion: ‘If a respected institution, such as the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, offers reiki – a science-free practice that involves using your hands, without even touching the patient, to balance the “vital life force energy that flows through all living things” – is it any surprise that some people will think that the technique could boost their immune systems and make them less susceptible to the virus? A similar argument can be made about public-health providers in Canada and the United Kingdom: by offering homeopathy, they de facto encourage the idea that this scientifically implausible remedy can work against COVID-19. These are just a few of myriad examples. He goes on: ‘We need physicists, microbiologists, immunologists, gastroenterologists and all scientists from relevant disciplines to provide simple and shareable content explaining why this hijacking of real research is inaccurate and scientifically dishonest.’ Lucky! That is what I think I have managed to do.

Philosophy – Bridging the Science Gap

Philosophy has been identified as the likely source of the answer to formulating new concepts and theories to drive scientific change and progress. A place traditional practising scientists cannot afford to financially go.5

Modern science without philosophy will run up against a wall, due to information overload complicating interpretation, increasing fragmentation of information silos into more scientific sub disciplines and the emphasis on methods and empirical results will drive training progressively shallower rather than digging into a deeper understanding so vital to the scale of change required.

HeadCase Interdisciplinary Science – Simple Natural Design Rules

Head by surname HeadCase by nature, as a Doctor of Philosophy in microbiology by background myself. That is how I was introduced to the actin cytoskeleton over 30 years ago, looking through the screen of a super powerful electron microscope in the basement of the Natural History Museum. Otherwise I wonder whether I might never have known about it.

The biggest surprise/shock to me is I have unintentionally dared to venture into uncharted territory across science disciplines and come up with some (R)EVOLutionary ideas. The science pieces I have connected have the potential for a Scientific and Cultural Revolution. Bridging the science gaps, crystallising Nature’s simple design rules has the potential to catalyse a science of intentional change – in other words science on purpose, accelerating positive change which often happens as a nice surprise, avoiding unexpected negative consequences of human trial and error, in the absence of better understanding how life operates. Life is designed to be exciting!

Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better

Albert Einstein

Psychic Science Evidence

Such a shame so many scientists are so skeptical! There is plenty of evidence for better understanding IF! …Your mind needs to be open enough to look for it. An impressive library of scientific evidence for all sorts of psychic phenomena and holistic health should help6 although limited by its update history until 2016.

Science Still Hunting for Answers

Science has yet to find the virus in the wild. Not for lack of looking . I wonder Why?7 Who is patient zero ? Growing evidence suggests the covid-19 outbreak may not have started at Wuhan’s Huanan Seafood Market in December after all. Finding its origins may help us stop it happening again8. Really hoping so!

Natural Electromagnetic Communication – Artificial Technology Impacts on Actin Evident

Joe Public Evidence

Public availability of information to include here is a very dynamic moveable feast. Many of the publications I was hoping to include have been retracted. A documentary film released in 2018, ‘Resonance: Beings of Frequency ’is well worth watching (before it gets retracted!) about electromagnetism9 . Don’t be distracted by some specifics, the principles are sound. Actin’s electromagnetism, superior information processing10 and fine tuning is the root cause!

Is the virus our vaccine? COVID-19: Chinese curse, causing crisis and collapse; or canary in the coalmine and catalyst for change?11. This long read essay by Rory Spowers gives a brilliant overview and makes great sense of our current situation. Looking forward to the ‘CRAZY NEW SHIT’. It includes 5G as the root cause of Coronavirus plus other pandemics coinciding with historical upgrades in electromagnetic communication.

Science Evidence

Lucky I found an impressive list of scientific publications specifically relating to 5G impacts, in case you are sceptical12. I hope this is still available by the time you try to access it.

Psychology: Natural Immersion Wellbeing

A growing body of research points to the beneficial effects that exposure to the natural world has on health, reducing stress and promoting healing13. Now, policymakers, employers, and healthcare providers are increasingly considering the human need for nature in how they plan and operate.

No wonder! Actin as the Universal Architect of ‘Life as Information’, we are designed to be immersed in it. I for one would be seriously unhappy IF! immersion in 5G happens without a full risk assessment.

Making Positive Progress

Operating outside the science establishment (a recurring pattern of where science revolutions come from) it’s really hard to break the current rules of the game. Practising Professors I know collaborated but declined to publish such a philosophical hypothesis since it was too far out of their comfort zone. I know the feeling! All scientists’ reactions to my book have been positive, displayed on my website. Disappointingly limited, often met with silence or frustratingly shutting up shop and pulling the blinds down without warning or explanation mid-dialogue.

I really hope this blog is sufficiently provocative to get to the win-win as fast as possible, avoiding the usual scientific ridicule that normally prevails.

First they ignore you,

then they laugh at you,

then they fight you,

then you win

Mahatma Gandhi

Touch Wood for a Fuller 5G Risk Assessment

 Whether it is to be Utopia or Oblivion will be a touch-and-go relay race right up to the final moment

Buckminster Fuller

Sharing is Caring

You can help just by sharing this website, following us on social media and sharing that content too. We want to garner peer group science support to our current research, this gives us and you more voice and more reach to progress the realisation of creating a sustainable, natural framework to bring about change. Remember – you can find much more detail and understanding from the book. You can email us direct below or you can post questions on the blog.

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