The world is waking up to smell the coffee. Life should be much more worth living than the current system we have created allows and without a redesign we are racing to the bottom. Bottoms up People Power is the solution for success.

Our toxic culture desperately needs a shift in thinking to a New Story, to encourage a more interconnected system with purpose, value and creativity to look forward to and get back on track with nature. If you haven’t woken up yet, this article gives you a great place to start.

Does wealth make us rich?

Re-imagining wealth in terms of knowledge and human capacity and fair sharing is something well worth thinking about.

According to the late great Prof.Stephen Hawking: “If we broaden our definition of wealth to include knowledge, natural resources, and human capacity, and if, at the same time, we learn to share each of those resources more fairly, then we stand a far better chance of being around in 100 years to continue to ask these questions that inspire us today.”

It always seems impossible until it’s done

Nelson Mandela

Human Values – People Power Potential

The World Economic Forum has recognised that society rewards wealth, not necessarily hard work or talent in an unequal world – Time to turn matters on their Head!

Value comes in all-sorts of shapes and sizes: Capital and currency are not purely financial, there are eight to choose from and all need to be in the right balance for you.

The powerful benefits of how humanist values maximise individual ability to contribute to society generates maximum motivation, innovation, stability and strength.

A mechanism to encourage collaborative human values would facilitate & accelerate a positive cultural shift (The empathy instinct – Peter Bazalgette).

You may not come up with the next best thing since sliced bread, but everyone has a value and you owe it to your-self to being your best self – the best thing you can do for your own sense of satisfaction and to serve your purpose – whatever makes you happy.

Otherwise anxiety, depression and all sorts of other diseases are likely to strike.

Root Cause Not Band Aid

Sharing success is such a simple idea as a solution to poverty that could be so effective in encouraging others to follow suit to generate an I CAN! Attitude!

Charities are falling out of favour for allsorts of reasons – sex scandals included – it’s just business as usual! Interesting reaction from Oxfam – it’s not like we murdered babies!

Time to emPower People with dignity and self-respect

Human Race to Human Kind

Encouragement of other positive behaviours is also within our grasp, such as altruism by paying forward by youth , paying back ( e.g. retirees with lots of experience to cash in and maintain a sense of value, criminals with lots of creativity seeking opportunities in gaps in the system and counter-intuitive skills ) or embarrass others to follow suit.

Defusing the destruction caused by frustration of passionate activists feeling powerless is a real possibility by providing a mechanism for making change not currently otherwise possible.

Harnessing that passion to Head in the Right direction should help to accelerate the journey.

Organisational Success

A successful organisation is one which stays ahead of the game, through emergent continuous improvement. Standing still only leads to failure, with failure in communication as a critical piece of the puzzle.

Complementary leadership skills will also be required to optimise creativity with natural leadership is the order of the future. Purpose inspired and values-based organisations, led with moral authority have started to emerge with better outcomes – not some futurist utopian vision.

Natural Highs – the New Normal

What If! We could orchestrate a new social network around natural highs. Embed purpose and creativity to relieve stress and avoid unhealthy alternatives.

One of many unexpected consequences of social networks, including release of dopamine, the currency of desire and serotonin through opening of the pineal gland.

Let’s follow Iceland’s lead and scale up

Health benefits of a new story

Living purposefully without pressure to earn a living will be such a relief!

Nature is giving us nudges that we are not in tune. Utopia for realists makes a great case just built on UBI (Universal Basic Income) as a financial security blanket (£5k a year won’t feed puss; and I would be too old to qualify! )

Realising UBA(Universal Basic Assets) has the potential to deliver benefits far beyond what is currently imaginable through number-crunching the data.

Sustainable Planet

The World Happiness Report is most encouraging, with close alignment of human happiness with Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), rather than income and wealth, a potentially valuable performance indicator of success.

It recognises the need for People Power – collaborative action to design and deliver better lives.

Big Challenges aHead

Recognising the complexity and urgency for change, a new society has just been set up for the study of cultural evolution to catalyse the study of cultural change from a modern evolutionary perspective.

A report published in February 2017 in Nature identifies the scale & diversity of the “Grand Challenges” we face and discusses the implications for an emergent synthesis in the study of culture based on Darwinian principles.

At least they have a clue as to the pieces of the puzzle and size of the challenge if nothing else of substance.

Sharing is Caring

You can help just by sharing this website, following us on social media and sharing that content too. We want to garner peer group science support to our current research, this gives us and you more voice and more reach to progress the realisation of creating a sustainable, natural framework to bring about change. Remember – you can find much more detail and understanding from the book. You can email us direct below or you can post questions on the blog.