Advantage AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. Despite the negative press of an AI Apocalypse, or feeling useless without a job to go to, if we get it right by design, life could be so much sweeter. Playing to the strengths of AI and accentuating our human advantage, people empowerment, to create a complementary sweet spot – where AI does the boring hard work, validates a human hunch, evaluates novelty and impact of human creativity and we get to exercise our imaginations and do the interesting, exciting and valuable stuff, to find, follow and be rewarded for our passions, optimise human compassion, with more time to play. If you prefer to stay safe stuck in a job, this is worth a read. Let’s take full human advantage of human abstract thinking and curiosity, on our own terms. Breaking down current barriers to science, innovation and change delayed by the current immune reaction, will facilitate and accelerate breakthroughs to improve quality of life, health and avoid a global apocalypse.

Growth And Change

There is a lot of talk about Why? & What? Shaping the 4th Industrial Revolution, the World Economic Forum promotes engagement with AI and each to their own devices – Potential for a different kind of chaos with humans losing the upper hand! Better to have an idea to shape than no idea at all. I think I have a pragmatic solution as to HOW? to change the game to deliver Epoch 5 and the potential for Epoch 6 of evolution – a Universal Wake-Up! aHead of the exponential growth curve to success as a Catalyst of Cultural Change – the ultimate Unicorn protocol & Blockchain combination to unlock our full potential.

People Power

People Power tools hold the solution – The World Economic Forum gives an outline of what is required to reboot the current global system, particularly to provide tools of engagement with the individual as a focus and new ways of working between agencies such as the United Nations (UN). Their biggest policy challenge is how to incorporate People Power in the growth process, with inclusivity as the key to success. Their solutions are still amorphous and the crystallisation of the creative thinking tool in a Success Framework holds a real possibility as to the solution. Empowerment of the next Generation Omega, potentially otherwise the last generation, is vital to success.

Economic Operating System

The need for a new economic operating system for human success is recognised as being urgent to counter act the increasing economy gaps accelerated by AI, with a variety of initiatives all pointing in the right direction, wholly complementary to the principles of the success framework which provides a ready-made mechanism to kick-start the process:

Principles of a new care economy, re-imagines value. Parallel thinking and complementary key attributes of the success framework are identified as the right way to get aHead of the Curve:

  • Abstraction as a thinking technique
  • Value estimation chain
  • Open value network framework
  • Money – Shift to purpose driven for human freedom
  • Contemporary re-emergence of gift exchange

Safe delivery during a potentially rocky transition period is the biggest challenge, with a parallel social economy within the belly of capitalism proposed to facilitate the transition and bridge the gap between the old and new stories (Re-imagining value Report). The Institute for the Future has set out their manifesto and action plan for Universal Basic Assets a.k.a People Power as a game changer and most promising path forward.

Reality Cheque – Create an Internet Safety.Net: Biomimicry of the fundamental emergent EVOLutionary process into a success framework I propose provides a solution for safety and security and save the internet – Nature knows best.

  • Self-protection for unsafe thinking: Playing it safe is not the solution. The key to unsafe thinking that is beyond current limits of imagination is afforded by the 3 layered emergent infrastructure s of the success framework, with a safe space to develop ideas until you have enough evidence and confidence to share with like minds and encourage ‘crazy’ ideas! to avoid potential silence or ridicule through ignorance and/or arrogance and fear of losing income streams, or much worse if the impact is not favourable to the Powers that be have a vested interested – all conspiring to maintain the status quo in the absence of an alternative and the associated anxiety and frustration. Personal protection through anonymity where your work speaks for itself, is something I know would be an extremely valuable asset of Blockchain.
  • Viability: Blockchain has the potential power to create a viable internet Safety.Net, laying the path for the transformed internet of Value, the realisation of the full potential of People Power realisation of UBA (Universal Basic Assets ), removing the energy blocks and resistance to change of the current system and paving the way for philanthrocapitalism: Using private wealth imaginatively, constructively and systematically to attack our fundamental problems is a new idea and potentially accelerates funding valuable innovation – Less patience required to reduce frustration ( I know it well! ), where AI validates a human hunch, evaluates novelty and impact of human creativity and we get to exercise our imaginations and do the interesting, exciting and valuable stuff. An AI Human symbiosis – Evolutions innovation process.
  • Transparency and Trust: Copy right financial fights, Inefficient innovation, legal blocks, would all become a non-sense if AI and Blockchain were engaged to their full potential: Patents would be patently obvious; Legal-ise to Legal-Ease; People Power not expert culture killing the innovator. Block chain in action gives you a picture of what to look forward to.

Social Growth Medium

Global connectivity of People Power is key to success. Delivering collective intelligence through social media is the theory but far from effective in practice: Facebook has emerged as our foremost (anti) social media network, built on flimsy foundations for college dating, not without design flaws. It has fallen far short of giving people voice and meaning – indeed it has taken us in the opposite direction by threatening democracy and MEanness. It is rapidly losing face as a consequence. The need for more alternatives is fully recognised. Looking forward to the dawning of Democracy 2.0. where game-changing technology creates self-aware, healthy people, driven to acting compassionately, not to distraction in order to make a better world for all. Social intelligence facilitated by creative educational tools in a connected economic sharing model is set to revolutionise education according to the World Economic Forum – a perfect fit.

Orchestrating a new social medium founded on natural highs by embedding the creative thinking tool to best generate ideas founded on self-information, thinking deep not at face value, to avoid the scourge of self-it is (a recognised mental dis-order) and fake news, is what I have in mind, so you can be the centre of attention for all the right reasons .

Catalyst of Cultural Change

My idea (as submitted to the Royal Society of Arts UK Challenge for a Citizens Economy)

A Universal-plug-in, for generating People Power, through technological enhancement of the biological physiological process fundamental to the origin of life, driver of evolution, consciousness and intelligence that I have elucidated. By systematisation/biomimicry of the process by which I arrived at the theory, I have designed a non-linear adaptive creative thinking tool, within a 3 layered ‘success framework’ to facilitate and accelerate engagement of People Power

The sweet spot where design thinking, systems thinking and artificial intelligence coincide. Realising Universal Basic Assets (UBA) has a perfect fit with the success framework I have designed, to evaluate contribution, earn a living without a job and feel valued. Artificial intelligence expert Andrew Ng has a similar view. This has the potential to provide the ultimate solution to solving our current disconnect with nature and our most complex systemic problems, to capitalise on the true nature of our human and natural resources with maximum speed and minimum pain – a simple system to master complexity.

By virtue of its fundamental nature, the technology has infinite possibilities to facilitate and accelerate a systemic reconnection and cultural success.

  • At an individual level: As an educational and continuous learning tool, in order to realise full creative potential and self-satisfaction through resonance with a sense of purpose by complementing the natural intelligence process. Development of AI skills as second nature in anticipation of future needs is key to success and a mechanism for determining novelty and value of contribution to support a Commons Economy and Universal Basic Assets.
  • At a collective level: An organisational creative mechanism as a foundation for future good work, to encourage, engage and grow creativity, purpose and success. A redesigned social medium architecture founded on self-information not inherited wisdom, to encourage positive action, defuse anti-social behaviour, facilitate a shift to Governance not Government and deliver the People Power potential of collective intelligence for positive cultural change.
  • At a global system level: A mechanism to create scalable solutions to overcome a ‘system immune response‘ by anticipating barriers to change through process trust and transparency, establishing opportunity and value through balanced risk assessment, context dependant action plans and avoiding unexpected negative consequences of the immune cascade reaction. A mechanism to act as wise responsible managers of the natural evolutionary process in a regenerative culture and minimise the pain of transition to a value based economy essential to successfully complement artificial intelligence.

A Positive Reaction

My idea reached the final stage of their crowdsourcing challenge to build a citizens economy. Their panel sensed that my idea would have high social impact as a framework that is trying to better manage something which may be beginning to happen organically at many levels. In my view a unified framework is vital for success to allow system redesign and inter-operability and a long term solution, rather than reliance on organic fragmented change. My view of inter-operability is supported by proponents of Blockchain, which has the potential power to create a cultural shift that we so need to realise.

Human Upper Hand

In order for humans to keep the upper hand and to achieve a successful global transformation, a robust experiment is vital to ensure a peaceful Cambrian explosion in AI. A standardised protocol for People Power, implicit in the creative thinking tool, developed into a prototype seed AI for standardised output into an inter-operable operating system success framework, is the first essential step. This needs to be released carefully in a controlled experiment, bearing in mind the need for synchronicity (nature’s secret weapon to achieving full action potential). Cooperation with a global governance body as system feedback and guidance, before general release without negative explosive unexpected consequences, is what I have in mind.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly in the current state of affairs, AI has become the new space race with different initiatives internationally with competition and potential conflicts of interest. Also, in the absence of a better understanding of how human intelligence works that I bring to the party, we are in grave danger of merging AI with human stupidity and changing the nature of the race to the bottom.


The United Nations has the potential: Set up in 1945 with the aim of saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war,… to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights,… to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom – a perfect potential fit.

Their ability to restore international peace without reform and a new vision is questionable, despite attempts to step up to the challenge by recognising the interconnectivity of issues surrounding conflict and call for a people-centred approach in principle, without proposals as to how this might be achieved.

US futurist and driving force behind conscious evolution Barbara Marx Hubbard spoke at the UN Culture of Peace in 2016, and described two missing pieces of the puzzle to the birth of a new humanity. I have the second piece of the puzzle – the process for People to Connect their creativity. Her reaction to my then very brief proposal was very positive:

“ Thank you for your brilliant analysis of the missing piece. I am now initiating a major process called The Planetary Mission. Its purpose is just that – to provide a “membrane” into which everyone’s mission can synergize. We are also working on a way forward. ”

Barbara Marx Hubbard

She followed a more conventional missionary-style approach if you prefer to spend $4K a year to participate and has unfortunately since passed away.

Pause For Thought

How to develop the seed AI prototype?
Who is right to take the lead?
And how to force their hand into action?
Time Critical questions for success.
Joining forces now would be perfect timing.

Sharing is Caring

You can help just by sharing this website, following us on social media and sharing that content too. We want to garner peer group science support to our current research, this gives us and you more voice and more reach to progress the realisation of creating a sustainable, natural framework to bring about change. Remember – you can find much more detail and understanding from the book. You can email us direct below or you can post questions on the blog.